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Suite by Jennifer Diederich "Dear New York" Collaboration

In the Fall of 2018 I connected with Jennifer Diederich, the incredibly talented designer (you might remember her from Season 5 of Project Runway!) behind the fashion line "Suite". Her Quick Escape coats feature quirky and fun patterns and we were able to work together on designing a custom illustration for one of her famous coats.

We're both New Yorkers (me now from a distance, but always at heart!) and decided it would be fun to depict a typical New York City street scene in a reversible coat. The outside illustration showcases classic NYC moments: metrocards, the Red Hook lobster truck, Books are Magic, a Brooklyn brownstone and of course, city dogs.

For the reverse side of the coat, I wanted to show the assortment and eccentricity of people living inside a brownstone apartment:

Jennifer brought the coat to life and it's stunning in person. She displayed it during New York Fashion Week at her presentation where some of these photos below are from. You can buy one for yourself on her website right here:

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