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Since I work from home by myself all day and Norman doesn't talk back when I try to engage him in conversation, I rely heavily on podcasts! Here are the ones I have yet to get sick of:

1) NPR's Up First- for a quick news debrief while I make my coffee

2) A Few Things- The workwife duo from Of A Kind chat about their weekly favorite things and have thoughtful conversation with guests from authors to designers to chefs.

3: Second Life - Hillary Kerr, the cofounder of Who What Wear, chats with celebs and business owners who have pivoted in their careers

4. Gamechangers - Designer Savannah Hayes has an impressive list of guests and does a deep dive on business topics that I haven't heard anywhere else. Super helpful for anyone who's in a creative field!

5. On Being - Krista Tippett is a force, google her if you don't know who she is! Her podcast covers deep thinking topics and guests and her voice is incredibly soothing.

6. Unstyled - Christine Barberich, the cofounder of Refinery29 chats with a whole range of exciting guests on careers, life struggles, etc.

7. Superwomen - Rebecca Minkoff's podcast is similar to Unstyled in the sorts of guests and conversations about what it takes to start and grow a business.

8. Expanded with Lacy Phillips - If you're into manifestation/spirituality, start here. I don't really know how to best describe it so explore Lacy's website here for more background.

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