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Architectural Digest: AD Design Show 2019

In the beginning of this year I had the opportunity to illustrate for my most exciting client to date... Architectural Digest! They commissioned me to create 3 detailed illustrations to be blown up to mural size to wrap the exterior walls of the "AD Apartment" inside the annual AD Design Show. This year they partnered with interior designer Sasha Bikoff to design their coveted apartment inside the show and her vision was "uptown girl living in a downtown world".

I illustrated 3 scenes of the apartment: the bedroom, living room and kitchen/dining room, bringing to life the contagious energy of the people Sasha envisioned to be living in her designed apartment. It was filled with unexpected textures, pink and gold accents, tiger wallpaper and the latest in design trends from AD partners. Here are the final illustrations:


Living Room:

Kitchen/Dining Room:

And a few photos from the AD Design Show! So fun to see them all in person:

Sasha and I inside the bedroom

view of the living room from the dining room

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