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Still We Rise Auction 7/2-7/9

Still We Rise is a community supported auction on Instagram lead by Lindsay Meyer Harley. An amazing community of 500+ small businesses, artists and shops, Still We Rise donates 100% of the auction proceeds to a few causes per auction that are in dire need of our help during the current upheaval of our political climate. A few past organizations include the ACLU, Emily's List, SPLC, Planned Parenthood and more.

This is my 3rd Still We Rise auction in which I'm donating a Woven Watercolor blanket and it's been one of the most incredible opportunities and experiences to participate in for my business. For her first auction, Lindsay reached out to every brand, artist and shop she knew of to ask for donations to raise money for the ACLU and every single one said "YES". The auction, now in it's 5th round, has donated over $100,000 to these organizations and continues to multiply. It's an honor to be part of such a wonderful community of like-minded business owners and there are SO many amazing items/store credits/paintings/clothing/jewelry up for bid in this current auction! Follow along with Still We Rise on instagram to bid on things you like and if you want to bid on my Tiger blanket I'll be announcing when it's listed on instagram so follow me there if you're not already!

Artwork below by Meenal Patel and Blakely Hiner

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