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Persistent Sisters!

I am SO excited this project is live! It's hands-down been one of the most incredible projects I've had the opportunity to work on. Ellen Schaeffer is the brilliant mind behind Persistent Sisters and when she reached out to me at the beginning of the year about illustrating her new decks featuring women in the industries of Art, Writing and S.TE.M. I was immediately on board and asked to be in charge of the Women Artists' deck. Throughout the process, I got to spend time learning about 22 incredible women artists throughout history- many I knew and many I was learning about for the first time. The cards have facts about each woman on the back and are meant to be used like trading cards. I so wish something like this existed when I was growing up and I'm so excited to get these in the hands of young girls around the world. Ellen has already gotten the cards picked up by major museum stores around the country! Check out the Writers' and S.T.E.M. decks here, illustrated by the talented Amanda Lenz and Meg Wagler.

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