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On the Chopping Block | Meatless Monday


These onions are a part of a recent winter recipe I illustrated for a new quarterly magazine, but they're also being used in tonight's dinner: farmers market scallops; cauliflower, kale and garlic mash; tomato, avocado squash (new discovery!) and onion salad.

Meatless Monday is not a tradition in our house but rather a desperate attempt to eat healthy after Sunday nights binge on beef pad see ew (only from Lantern, always extra saucy). The scallops at the farmer's market (from Shinnecock, NY) looked too good to pass up but I knew I'd need a heartier side because 5 scallops and a side salad means Trader Joe's frozen pizza at 10pm.

In an attempt to not eat any starch for tonights dinner after last night's overload (pretending I didn't eat a meatball parm sandwich for lunch), I remembered a cauliflower mash my sister once made that was shockingly convincing as a mashed potatoe substitute. I'm planning on chopping up some kale and garlic and hand-blending it in with the cauliflower mash to add color and flavor (note: the cauliflower mash definitely airs on the side of bland so heavy doses of spice/flavors is necessary). Fingers crossed it will be satisfying enough to not sneak out for Chloe's soft-serve (Crunchy Salty or bust) after.

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